CDB Reports


Original feature articles on the leading people and organizations in China’s NGO sector.

Xiaojie Qin: Mental Health Concerns Everyone

Xiaojie Qin is the founder of CandleX, an organization that deals with mental health issues in Beijing. In this exclusive interview she talks to CDB about her work and what motivates her.

Bridging Gaps in China: an Interview with Michael Hermann

Michael Hermann, Humana People to People's China representative, talks to CDB about his organization's work in rural Yunnan, China's efforts to eliminate poverty, the Overseas NGO Law and much more in this wide-ranging interview.

Our Registration Story: The Asia Foundation

Another piece from the Center for Charity Law's "Our Registration Story" series, this time focusing on the Asia Foundation, one of the first international NGOs to work in China.

Our Registration Story: The Nature Conservancy (TNC)

Following TNC's successful registration in Beijing, chief representative Joyce Ma talks to the Center for Charity Law about her organization's history in China, how it faced the challenge of registering under the new law, and its plans for the future.

Our Registration Story: the Ford Foundation

An interview with Elizabeth Knupp, the Ford Foundation's chief representative in China, about the Ford Foundation's experience registering in China under the Overseas NGO Law and its future plans in the country.

China’s NGOs Go Global: True Stories from a Program Director

There is an increasing number of Chinese NGOs that have become active overseas. What challenges do they face when operating abroad? The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation's program director recounts some of his experiences and cultural misunderstandings from when he worked in Sudan.