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From NGO to Social Enterprise: An Interview with NPI and 724 Hub

While the definition of a social enterprise remains unclear in China, Chinese nonprofits are drawn to this new moneymaking game, which many believe is the answer for achieving self-sufficiency without losing their social mission. In this article, experts from social enterprise incubator 724 Hub and NPI share their advice on whether a NGO should turn to social enterprise.

Controversy over the Shuidichou fundraising platform

The crowdfunding platform Shuidichou has become embroiled in controversy once again. On November 30, the video-sharing website known as “Pear Video” (梨视频) published a seven-minute expose’ of the company’s practices. Filmed in secret, the video revealed that promoters providing offline…

China’s charitable trusts growing rapidly in 2019, report reveals

Since the beginning of 2019 charitable trusts have developed rapidly in China. Compared to traditional charities, trust companies enjoy certain advantages when taking part in charitable activities, especially in terms of how they can manage their charitable capital and assets.…

China Annual Conference on Philanthropy held in Beijing

The China Annual Conference on Philanthropy, jointly organized by the China Philanthropy Times, a national newspaper focusing on China’s public welfare sector, and other eleven philanthropic organizations, took place in the Beijing Convention Center on Wednesday. “The path of the…

Panel discussion on Chinese NGOs going global held in Beijing

Since 2001, when the Chinese government kicked off its “Going Out” strategy, China’s overseas investment has seen an exponential increase, reaching 1456.7 billion USD by 2015 – an impressive 35.9% annual growth rate and a 54 times increase compared to…

The accreditation of China’s social enterprises

This recent article by the China Philanthropy Research Institute examines the controversy over the accreditation of social enterprises in China. There are still many disputes on whether to set any standard criteria for social enterprises and how exactly to conduct…

New Policy on Equity Donations to Public Welfare Organizations Released

The Ministry of Finance of the People’s Republic of China and the State Administration of Taxation released the “Announcement about Policy on Corporate Tax on Equities Donations to Public Welfare Organizations” (《关于公益股权捐赠企业所得税政策问题的通知》) on the 10th of May. According to this…

One Way to Think About Philanthropy

The author provides a unique view on philanthropy that derives from his experience “on both sides of the table” - five years as president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and six years as president of the University of Chicago.

From Business to the NGO Sector: the Unexpected Certainty

Yang Yang, a former public relations manager and a sharp business woman, unexpectedly starts anew in the NGO sector as a project officer for TAE Charitable Foundation. Combining her business acumen and media expertise with NGO work, Yang Yang is able to navigate the sector and develop innovative solutions for social problems.