Laws & Regulations

This section offers a variety of resources to assist those interested in researching NGO, development, and social issues within China. The following is an expanding list of translations of laws and regulations that are in place in the Chinese NGO sector.

These translations were made possible not only by our staff, but also by our volunteer translators. To suggest a correction to be made to the translation, please leave a message here.

The Major Laws

Our translations of the Overseas NGO Law and the Charity Law of the PRC:

Draft Laws

Our translations of various draft laws released for public consultation:

2021-09 | China International Development Cooperation Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Commerce

2015-05-14 (Updated) | Public Consultation 2015-05 | Translation by CDB

2016-01-18 (Updated) | Public Consultation 2016-01 | Translation by CDB

2015-12-14 (Updated) | Public Consultation 2015-11 | Translation by CDB

Feedback and suggestions on the draft from a focus group convened by Professor Anthony Spires with Hong Kong-based non-profit organisations and Chinese academics and officials.

2015-05-15 | Translation by CDB