Post a Job

China Development Brief posts job announcements for organizations that are active in the NGO community in China. This includes jobs with Chinese NGOs, International NGOs and embassies, as well as jobs involving corporate social responsibility and more…

As well as posting the ads on our website, we will also publicize them through our public WeChat account, NGO招聘.

Posting jobs on CDB’s website is a fee-based service. Current fees are as follows (you can post as many job ads as you like for the amount of time specified):

2 Weeks

700 RMB

4 Weeks

900 RMB

3 Months

2200 RMB

6 Months

3800 RMB

9 Months

5500 RMB

1 Year

6800 RMB

1 Year + Featured Organization

Get featured as a “promoted organization” on our Chinese website at an extra 3000 RMB.

Submit your Job Announcement

If you would like to post a job announcement on our website, please send a job description (in Microsoft Word format) to  We will reply with instructions regarding payment.