Who We Are

China Development Brief

Created in 1996 in Kunming, and currently based in Beijing, China Development Brief (CDB) is China’s first independent platform for civil society. Using both English and Chinese, CDB provides services of media and communication, research, consultancy and resource-matching to NGOs, foundations, enterprises, individuals and research institutes. CDB registered as an NGO named “Beijing E-share Civil Society Information Center” in 2017.


Information exchange, improved awareness of the voluntary sector.


Promote the sustainable development of civil society through information exchange and resource sharing.


Equality, inclusion, openness.

Service Concept

Professional and cutting-edge, rational and objective, and value-oriented.


Leader in civil society exchanges and resource sharing.


Connecting civil society, promoting shared value.

Strategic Goals

To enable the full exchange of concepts, tools and practical experience, to allow grassroots social organizations to realize their full potential, and to facilitate the sharing of voluntary sector resources.

Core Activities

What we are really great at


Publicizing information on civil society.


Consultancy, research and experience sharing.

Resource Matching

of funds, talent, knowledge and skills.


Knowledge and skills training.

Board of Directors

CDB Leadership

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