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Advocacy and Rights

Recent lawsuits cast spotlight on transgender rights

A couple of recent lawsuits initiated by transgender individuals against their employers have attracted media attention in China. In December 2019, a court in Hangzhou heard a dispute regarding the employment rights of a transgender individual named Jessy Ma. Ma…

Points of No Return – an Interview with Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace

In this wide-ranging interview with CDB, the International Executive Director of Greenpeace Jennifer Morgan discusses her organization's strategies in China and worldwide, the importance of fighting climate change and preserving biodiversity and the fallout from the Paris agreement.

What does the Iron Divide in Suzhou’s Primary School Expose?

CDB's translation of an article discussing a recent incident in Suzhou, in which an elite primary school's playground was divided by an iron barrier to separate the children of migrants from local children. The article analyses deep-rooted issues of educational inequality in China.

National transgender hotline launched in China

In 2015 the Beijing LGBT Center launched a hotline specifically for transgender issues, and since then they have aided over 1000 callers. Following this, in August 2018 the National Transgender Hotline was officially launched as a collaborative effort by transgender…

#MeToo campaign spreads from charity sector to wider society

The past week has been a disconcerting one for the Chinese nonprofit sector. After last Monday’s accusation of sexual assault against Lei Chuang, a well-known activist for the rights of hepatitis B carriers, many other women and men within the…

Double amputee from China reaches Everest summit

Double amputee Xia Boyu, 69, successfully completed his fifth attempt to reach the summit of Mount Everest a few days ago. What follows is his inspiring story. Born in 1949, Xia Boyu was an athletic individual, becoming a member of…