CDB Reports

Non-Profit Management

New regulations on pre-tax deductions for charitable donations released

New policies on tax exemptions for charities have been announced by the Chinese authorities. The “Announcement on Pre-tax Deductions for Charitable Donations” (hereinafter referred to as the “Announcement”), jointly released by the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation,…

New controversy over the handling of public health donations

After the recent criticism levelled at the Red Cross Society of Hubei for allegedly mismanaging donations, another charity has come under criticism for the way it has handled donations for the coronavirus health crisis. The Wuhan branch of the China…

How Technology can Empower China’s Nonprofits

The rise of Chinese tech has astonished the world, but the development of nonprofit technology is still in its infancy. Two experts from this industry share their views with CDB on the challenges they face when pushing for systemic change.

An Interview with Ding Li, Non-Profit Incubator

Ms. Ding Li talks about the work of Non-Profit Incubator, the leading incubator for NGOs in China, and about the state of the nonprofit sector in the country, drawing upon her many years of experience in this field.

Dr. Zhang Lingxiao’s Presentation on the ONGO Law

A presentation by Dr. Zhang Lingxiao, Director of the Jingshi Law Firm, given during CDB's recent workshop on the registration of foreign NGOs. It focuses on the legal practicalities related to the Overseas NGO Law.