China Charity Alliance holds summit and releases first nationwide charity agreement

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  • China Charity Alliance holds summit and releases first nationwide charity agreement

On May 11, the China Charity Alliance held their Member Summit’s second session in Langfang, Hebei Province. The summit elected a new executive council and leadership structure.

Member and Deputy Director of the Party Group of Civil Affairs Tang Chengpei was elected as executive council chairman. Zhan Chengfu, also a member and deputy minister of the Party Group of the Ministry of Civil Affairs as well as the director of the Social Organization Administration, attended the meeting and delivered an address.

Founded in 2013, the China Charity Alliance (CCA) is a platform-style organization. Under the leadership of the Ministry of Civil Affairs, CCA aims to actively carry out and implement the Charity Law, passed in 2016, and contribute to the overall development of public charity organizations in China. Currently, CCA has 501 members. 275 are social organizations, 86 are enterprises, and 140 are individuals.

During his address, Zhan Chengfu wished the summit success on behalf of the Ministry. He also commented that the CCA is different from other organizations because it is a “self-supervising” (自律) organization, and hopes that under the new executive council, CCA will actively carry out Xi Jinping’s Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.

Tang Chengpei emphasized in his speech that the new leadership must push the Chinese charity field into a whole new level and continue to follow the leadership of the Party. At the same time, the CCA must continue to strengthen its organization’s self-supervising mechanisms and promote a Chinese charitable culture.

The summit also released the first national agreement in the field of charity: the “China Charity Alliance Member Agreement”. The members pledged to love the Party and the country, work for the benefit and well-being of the people, help the poor, take up social responsibility, promote kindness and compassion, abide by the law, be self-disciplined, honest and trustworthy, uphold the integrity of the industry, promote prevailing customs, and work together to create a better future.

The newly elected executive council of the CCA has 147 members fully representative of the field of public charity, including charity organizations, enterprises and individuals from different walks of life.