CDB Reports


Philanthropy by Chinese entrepreneurs: the trends over the past decade

Since the Self-Strengthening Movement of the late Qing Dynasty, entrepreneurs giving donations to philanthropic activities and programmes have become an important source of funding for the charity sector. Early entrepreneurs such as Zhang Qian and Liu Hongsheng, who did great…

The China Charity Federation holds its congress of members

The China Charity Federation (中国慈善总会) held the second meeting of its fifth Congress of Members, and the third meeting of its fifth board of directors, on the 9th of July in an online form. The meeting of the board of…

17th China Philanthropy Ranking released

The 17th China Philanthropy Ranking was officially released on June 16. The annual China Philanthropy Ranking (中国慈善榜), supported by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Charity Times, is a ranking of Chinese philanthropists based on the donations they…

11th Annual Symposium of the China Foundation Forum successfully held in Fuzhou

The 11th Annual Symposium by China Foundation Forum was successfully held on the 22nd and 23rd November 2019 in Fuzhou, Fujian. Entitled “A Shared Commitment to Original Aspirations and Common Development”, the conference attracted 1500 guests from over 600 local and international foundations and civil society organizations.