17th China Philanthropy Ranking released

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The 17th China Philanthropy Ranking was officially released on June 16. The annual China Philanthropy Ranking (中国慈善榜), supported by China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Charity Times, is a ranking of Chinese philanthropists based on the donations they made over the previous year. In order to aid the prevention and control of the COVID-19, this year’s ceremony adopted the form of an online live broadcast shown on 18 different platforms, including Xinhua, Bilibili, and Tencent.

There are 118 philanthropists in this year’s ranking, with total donations of 5.45036 billion yuan between them; and 605 companies in the ranking, with total donations of 1.245059 trillion yuan. During the event, other rankings were also released, including the annual China Philanthropy Celebrities Ranking, with 100 celebrities included for their charitable deeds; the “2019 Blue Book of the Development of Chinese Philanthropic Donations”; and a ranking of donations made for the fight against Covid-19.

Analyzing the sources of funding of the philanthropists, we can see that the companies on the list mainly come from the real estate, medicine, finance and energy fields, and the main source of large donations is still private enterprises. The real estate industry still produces the largest number of philanthropists.