China Medical Board donates 200M USD to support the struggle against the COVID-19 epidemic

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  • China Medical Board donates 200M USD to support the struggle against the COVID-19 epidemic

The US based-organization China Medical Board (hereinafter referred to as CMB) has become the latest international NGO to make an important contribution to the struggle to contain the coronavirus. Founded in 1914 by the Rockefeller Foundation, CBM promotes health education and research in the medical universities of China and other Asian countries. As reported by the official WeChat account of the MPS’s Overseas NGOs Office, in order to ensure the safety of medical personnel, prevent and control cross-infections in medical institutions, and support China in advancing the modernization of its disease control system, CBM has decided to provide US $2 million in special funds to provide technical equipment for epidemic prevention and control, and support Chinese partners to carry out academic research, capacity building, and international exchange and cooperation in response to infectious diseases.

The “Alliance Hospital” (founded by CMB and Peking Union Medical College Hospital, and including nine top Chinese hospitals) has sent elite personnel to the front line in Hubei to treat patients in a severe condition, and CBM has donated medical air purification equipment to the Alliance Hospital through international procurement channels to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in the hospital.

CMB will also use the same special fund to continue to provide support to Chinese partners to carry out a series of projects such as academic research, capacity building, talent training, and international exchanges related to the response to emerging infectious diseases, and further promote education and research cooperation in the fields of clinical medicine and public health.