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Charitable legacy of Beijing Olympics continues to improve lives

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics got underway on July 23, with athletes from across the globe competing for medals in their chosen competitions. In China, the country’s sports charities have been busy developing their own large-scale events, with public interest in…

An analysis of Chinese charitable trusts in 2020: pandemic-driven development

142 new charitable trusts were established in China over the first half of 2020, with total assets of 263 million Yuan between them. A majority of them were created specifically for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. This piece offers an analysis of the situation concerning charitable trusts in China, replete with facts and figures.

Peaceland Foundation provides assistance to Zimbabwe against Covid-19

The Peaceland Charity Foundation (平澜公益基金会), a Beiiing-based foundation created in 2018 that focuses on international aid and disaster relief, donated a second batch of anti-epidemic material to the Republic of Zimbabwe on July 17 through the Zimbabwean Embassy in China,…

The China Charity Federation holds its congress of members

The China Charity Federation (中国慈善总会) held the second meeting of its fifth Congress of Members, and the third meeting of its fifth board of directors, on the 9th of July in an online form. The meeting of the board of…

The Han Hong Foundation: how a Celebrity Stepped Up Against Covid-19

When the new coronavirus first struck Wuhan, Chinese celebrity Han Hong and her foundation successfully raised funds from the public and other celebrities and used them to donate equipment to hospitals in Hubei, while manoeuvring around official regulations and increased scrutiny from social media.

Tencent presents its efforts against COVID-19 at UN conference

Tencent shared its “China Plan” to fight the coronavirus pandemic during an online UN conference on July 1st. The conference, with the theme of  “How to Make use of Information, Technology and Digital Government to Innovatively Fight Against COVID-19 –…

Ai Luming sets up a 5 billion Yuan fund to support SMEs in Hubei

Ai Luming, the founder and chairman of the Wuhan Contemporary Group and the chairman of the SEE Foundation (阿拉善公益基金会), has announced the establishment of a 5 billion Yuan fund dedicated to supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in Hubei province. Mr.…

China’s International NGOs in a Time of Pandemic

China appears to be over the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. How has the country's resilient community of international NGOs adjusted its work to the unusual situation over the past few months? And what are the prospects for such organizations in the future?