CDB Reports

Capacity Building

An Interview with Ding Li, Non-Profit Incubator

Ms. Ding Li talks about the work of Non-Profit Incubator, the leading incubator for NGOs in China, and about the state of the nonprofit sector in the country, drawing upon her many years of experience in this field.

How are all Chinese to Escape Poverty by 2020?

The Chinese government has set the goal of eradicating poverty from China by 2020. This article summarizes the main points of a debate between some of China's main experts on poverty alleviation, discussing how to define poverty and how the remaining pockets of deprivation in rural areas should be addressed.

Practical Guide to the ONGO Law (Registration and Filing)

This handy guide, produced by the Center for Charity Law of the China Philanthropy Research Institute, provides answers to some of the frequent questions that arise when foreign NGOs want to register or apply for temporary activities in China under the new law.

Inclusive education, a new model for children with special needs

China’s State Council approved the revised draft of the “regulations on the education of the disabled” on the 11th of January 2017. Among other things, the document promotes an “inclusive education” for children with disabilities. Meanwhile, in some areas of…

“China City Philanthropy Index 2014-2015” issued in Beijing

The China Charity Alliance recently released the “China City Philanthropy Index 2014-2015” in Beijing. The study shows that overall China’s urban philanthropy is flourishing, the amount of donations is steadily increasing, the number of volunteers is on the rise and…