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From NGO to Social Enterprise: An Interview with NPI and 724 Hub

While the definition of a social enterprise remains unclear in China, Chinese nonprofits are drawn to this new moneymaking game, which many believe is the answer for achieving self-sufficiency without losing their social mission. In this article, experts from social enterprise incubator 724 Hub and NPI share their advice on whether a NGO should turn to social enterprise.

New certification for social enterprises announced

On the 11th of August, the Beijing Social Enterprise Certification Method was announced at the Forum for Chinese Social Enterprises. The release of this “method” marks the standard criteria that all social enterprises in Beijing can refer to. A Chinese…

Shanghai café and center for people with autism reopens

Shanghai’s “Love Café” (in Chinese 爱咖啡), which serves as a support-base for people with autism, is scheduled to reopen this coming week. The new site will be on the first floor of the Shanghai Youth Activity Center (188 Hanzhong Road,…

Shanghai café staffed by people with autism forced to close

A Shanghai cafe’ that functioned as a social enterprise helping people with autism has been forced to close only a month after opening. The Love Café (in Chinese 爱咖啡) held its inauguration ceremony in Jing’an Park, Shanghai, on the 2rd…

Mobike receives Social Enterprise Award, criticism ensues

Mobike, the Chinese bike-sharing company whose bycicles now line the streets of China’s major cities, has been awarded the 2016 Social Enterprise Awards, a prize that goes to the best social enterprises of the year. The awards, which are in…

Insights from the China Charity Fair

The Fifth China Charity Fair took place last month in Shenzhen. This article from the Charity Times presents some of the views on the future of Chinese charity which some important figures shared during the event.

Free Lunch for Children proposes plan to expand to Ethiopia

During the fifth Chinese Charity Expo, some attention was attracted by a small seminar entitled ‘Can Free Lunch for Children be Spread to Africa?’ The seminar, held on the 24th of September, was presided over by the brand director of…