CDB Reports


Yunnan school marks 10 years of educating ‘ugly ducklings’

“I’m unable to understand the teachers in class.” “I get bullied by my classmates.” “I can’t stop arguing with my parents.” The Ugly Duckling School, located 50 kilometers from Kunming, Yunnan Province, is a middle school with 79 “problem students”.…

Shenzhen’s anti-drug strategy pays off

The International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking fell on June 26, with Shenzhen Public Security Bureau announcing that the city was tied for first place with the 21 prefecture-level cities of Guangdong Province on a 2020 provincial anti-drug…

More blind students use braille for 2021 Gaokao than past years

The National College Entrance Examinations in China or gaokao commenced officially on June 7. More than 10.78 million students this year throughout the country registered for the exam that determines their academic fate for the next few years. Among the…

Arts education resources, support on the rise within China

In May, Wang Dengfeng from the Ministry of Education spoke on the increasing attention given to arts education in elementary and middle schools. Wang detailed China’s future arts education goals during a press conference that also touched on the improvement…

China’s International NGOs in a Time of Pandemic

China appears to be over the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. How has the country's resilient community of international NGOs adjusted its work to the unusual situation over the past few months? And what are the prospects for such organizations in the future?

Chinese NGOs Going Out: the Gansu Rainbow Community Service Center

A Chinese NGO might have a thousand reasons to implement overseas charity programs in line with their values and goals, but for Ren Zhihao, the founder of the Gansu Rainbow Community Service Center, the reason for setting foot in Nepal was very simple: to lend a helping hand to vulnerable people whenever they need it, wherever they are.

Roots & Shoots – the Seed of Hope Jane Goodall Planted for the World

Jane Goodall’s recent visit created a social media wave in China, however her trip is only for the short term, the battle for the environment is not. CDB visited Roots & Shoots Beijing to take a closer look at how this organization of five carries on Jane Goodall’s mission in China, nurturing 20,000 young people every year to be compassionate change-makers and leaders for our future.

Huang Hongxiang: Bridging China and the World

Huang Hongxiang, the founder of China House and one of the main players in the field of Chinese investment and the related social-environmental problems in Africa, talks to CDB in this exclusive interview.