The China Charity Federation holds its congress of members

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The China Charity Federation (中国慈善总会) held the second meeting of its fifth Congress of Members, and the third meeting of its fifth board of directors, on the 9th of July in an online form.

The meeting of the board of directors reviewed the work of the Chinese Charity Federation in 2019, and focused on summing up the experience and lessons of charity work in the Covid-19 epidemic prevention battle, analyzing the development situation faced by the charity sector, and redeploying the key work for 2020. The meeting of the Congress of Members was held afterwards. The board of directors reviewed and approved four proposals for personnel adjustment, organizational reform, membership acceptance and board authorization by secret ballot.

The CCF was officially established in 1994 as a membership association, with state backing, and it reports to the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Local branches have been set up in provinces, municipalities and counties around China, for a total of 1996 branches by June 2013, covering the whole country and mostly managed directly by the local Civil Affairs Bureau. During the Covid-19 public health crisis the CFF has had great success in attracting donations from businesses and the public to provide relief for Hubei and other affected areas.