CDB Reports


CDB Reports include: Current Issues, Analyses, and Features.

Weekly News – October 26th to November 8th, 2013

Beijing’s first case of a public welfare foundation changing from “ private to public” 北京现首例公益基金会“私转公” By Lan Fang 蓝方, Caixin 财新网. October 31, 2013 The Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation, which started out as a grassroots NGO, has become…

Weekly News – October 19th to October 25th, 2013

Is public welfare and society keeping in step with each other? 公益和社会的步伐不一致吗 By Yao Yao 姚遥, Jing Bao 晶报October 21, 2013 The One Foundation’s Yao Yao discusses whether Chinese social values and objectives are in-line with the aspirations of… – Impressions of the second charity exhibition

Government and business valued over grassroots: Impressions of the second charity exhibition 官商为贵、民为轻——第二届慈展会印象, September 27, 2013 With the wind and rain of Typoon Usagi swirling outside, the third and final day of the 2nd China Charity Project Exchange Exhibition…

“Non-Legal” Orphanages and the Chinese State

In this summary of a broader project, Anna High examines the survival and oversight of local, grassroots NGOs engaged in a particularly sensitive sector: the care of orphans by underground church groups and foreign mission workers.

The AIDS Walk: Promoting Public Service in China

In this timely article, CDB Deputy Editor, Guo Ting, discusses the China AIDS Walk, a grassroots-organized public service event to call attention to discrimination against people living with HIV-AIDS.