Weekly News – February 1st – 7th, 2014

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Chongqing has more than 12,000 social organizations and social workers have helped in excess of 1.2 million people
重庆市有社会组织1.2万余家 社工服务惠及人群超120万
By Zhang Chang 张畅, Hualong Network 华龙网 , February 3, 2014
New figures released by the Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, show how much the social organization sector has grown, by more than 8.27% compared to last year. (Chinese)

Citizen-initiated charity in action: Hunan villagers set up their own charity association
By Fu Lei and Jiang Wenjing 傅蕾 姜文婧, China Network 中国广播网, February 4th, 2014
Article about a grassroots charity organization that was set up by Hunan villages six years ago. The organization emerged out of a QQ group and now has over 200 members who help local destitute families. (Chinese)

Does your public welfare organization need a mobile phone app?
thinker360 创思客, 06 February, 2014
An article about the relative merits of NGOs developing their own mobile phone apps. (Chinese)

Shanghai hosts new charity park
By Wu Ni, China Daily, February 6, 2014.
The newly opened ‘New Charity World’ (Gongyi Xin-tiandi) – a 23,000 square meter ‘office park’ in Shanghai – aims to “become a focal point for innovative charitable projects”. It was initiated by the NGO, Non Profit Incubator, in collaboration with the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau.

Fu Qiang: from the champion blood donor to the man who’s crazy about charity, dreaming of incubating civic mindedness
傅强:从献血冠军到公益狂人 梦想建立公益孵化器
By Kong Hua 孔华, CCTV 央视网, February 6, 2014
Profile of Anhui’s champion blood donor, Fu Qiang, who has now set up groups that aim to incubate pro social engagement and volunteerism. (Chinese)

Put more effort into the government purchasing of public services
By Lin Mingang 林闽钢, CASS中国社会科学报, February 7, 2014
Article from a CASS professor that calls for furthering the trend for government to purchase social services. The author suggests five ways to do this, including strengthening the legal framework and cultivating more social organizations. (Chinese)

Ministry of Civil Affairs: Plans to have 10% of residents registered as social service volunteers by 2020
Xinhua新华网, February 7th, 2014
According to recently published Guidelines for community volunteer service, the MOCA aims to increase enrolment of social welfare volunteers to 10% of the population. (Chinese)

Program for the disabled commended
Fan Feifei, China Daily 中国日报, February 7, 2014
Article praising Huiling, the disabilities NGO that was launched in Guangzhou and has now set up 13 branches across China.

Ministry of Civil Affairs announcement on state financed social organizations participation in social welfare projects in 2014
MOCA 民政部网站, February 7, 2014
Ministry of Civil Affairs notice about the 448 projects that state financed social organizations have been approved to work on in 2014. Attached documents can be found on the MOCA site here. (Chinese)

Social Organizations should play a greater role in national governance
By Song Jianmin 宋健敏, First Finance and Economics Daily 第一财经日报, February 7, 2014
Associate Professor from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics writes about the need for social organizations to take greater responsibility in the administration of public welfare. (Chinese)

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