Weekly News – January 13th to January 19th, 2014

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Number of NGOs doubles as government support gets fine-tuned
NGO数量翻番 政府支持方式当微调
Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, January 14, 2014
Details the increase of NGOs in Guandong, calling it a “golden period” and citing government decentralization and registration relaxation as the major reasons. (Chinese)

Release of 2013’s top ten public welfare news events
Ministry of Civil Affairs 中国社会组织网, January 15, 2014
The Ministry of Civil Affairs recently held its sixth ‘Chinese Public Welfare News Annual Meeting’. From discussions in the meeting, expert opinion, and online voting a list of 2013’s top ten public welfare news events was produced. The list included the One Foundation’s fundraising after the Lushan earthquake and the establishment of the Yaan social organization and volunteer service centre. (Chinese)

Alliance of environmental NGO research organizations publish second Blue Sky Roadmap report
By Chen Yuanyuan 陈媛媛, China Environment News 中国环境报, January 16, 2014
An alliance of environmental NGOs have released their second report on reducing China’s air pollution. The report emphasizes the importance of correctly identifying the major sources of pollution.(Chinese)

Chinese women’s rights top 12 moments of 2013
Young Women’s Network 女生网, 16 January, 2014
Detailing the top twelve stories to have emerged from the women’s rights sector in 2013. These include the Li Yan murder trial, the Li Yang domestic violence case, and the Cao Ju sex discrimination lawsuit.

Wuhan animal rights volunteers mount overnight blockade of truck carrying cats
By He Liang 贺亮, Wuhan Morning Post 武汉晨报 , January 16, 2013
A truck carrying 2,800 cats to Nanning was held up for a whole night by animal rights volunteers in Wuhan after a local NGO mobilized activists through its Weibo account. (Chinese)

Half of internet users willing to become supporters of public welfare crowdfunding
Wang Huixian王会贤, Philanthropy Times公益时报, January 17, 2014
An online funding survey by the Philanthropy Times and Sina Charity finds that nearly half of those surveyed supported the introduction of more crowdfunding for public welfare projects. (Chinese)

2013’s annual public welfare report: NGO’s spring has arrived
Xu Yongguang 徐永光, Beijing News 新京报 , January 17, 2014
End of year review that cites seven trends that made 2013 a positive year for the development of the Chinese NGO sector. These trends include endorsement from the Third Plenum, positive government and non-government interaction after the Lushan earthquake, and moves towards greater transparency and self-regulation. (Chinese)

Ministry of Finance convenes a working conference on the government purchase of social services
Ministry of Finance 财政部新闻办公室, January 17, 2014
Press release about a recent conference attended by the Deputy Minister of Finance, Li Kun. At the meeting Li emphasized the significance of the government adopting a pragmatic approach to the provision of social services, and the importance of choosing the most cost-effective services to purchase. (Chinese)

The many difficulties encountered by an NGO intervening in a child abuse case
By Wang Huixian王会贤, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, January 17, 2014
Examines the case of an NGO intervening in a child abuse case in Guangxi, and the various issues that they encountered in helping the victim. (Chinese)

Grassroots rankings reflects the visibility of public welfare transparency
Zhang Mingmin张明敏, Philanthropy Times 公益时报, January 21, 2014
Article about the recently released China Grassroots Transparency Index. Since the release of the index the average mark of the 1000 Chinese NGOs surveyed is 26.99 out of a top score of 100. (Chinese)

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