Weekly News – December 21st to December 27th, 2013

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Funding notes of SEE Foundation fund administrator: Project proposals
By Tu Shiwen 涂释文, Green Youther 青年环境评论, December 23, 2013
A SEE Foundation employee talks about their experience dealing with project proposals, noting the importance of revising and refining the finished document. (Chinese)

The net assets of 405 Higher Education foundations make up 45.8% of private foundations
Phoenix Public Welfare 凤凰网公益, December 24, 2013
According to Foundation Center statistics, the establishment of private foundations are becoming an increasingly popular conduit for Chinese colleges and universities to become involved in philanthropy and the third sector. (Chinese)

Chen Jianjun: Notes from the annual meeting of an Environmental NGO
By Chen Jiajun 陈嘉俊, Green Youther 青年环境评论 , December 24, 2013
Review of the annual meeting of the Environmental Protection Alliance, noting some of the conclusions of the meeting, and making interesting observations on the differences in generational attitudes of the participants. (Chinese)

When will the healthy development of public welfare organizations not be trapped by problems of “staff, money, and issues”
By Mao Haifeng 毛海峰, Xinhua 新华网, December 24, 2013
An article that decries the shortages of professionalism, talent, and transparency that hold the Chinese NGO sector back (Chinese)

Report: “A thousand miles, ten thousand faces: Results of the questionnaire on the state of existence of migrant laborers’
Beijing Little Bird Hotline 北京小小鸟热线, December 24, 2013
The Little Bird NGO announces the release of a new report (available to download here) based on the findings of 6451 questionnaires that were distributed to migrant laborers in six cities across China. Amongst the findings 63% of respondents said that they had never signed a labor contract and 44% were owed wages. (Chinese)

“Healthy Mother Express” has provided 2023 vehicles and helped 39 million people in ten years
“母亲健康快车”10年发放2023辆 受益3900万人
By Liu Le 刘乐, China National Radio 央广网, December 25, 2013
The China Women’s Federation and the China Women’s Development Foundation organized an assessment event marking the ten year anniversary of the project that assists mothers in childbirth. The project has been deemed a big success but calls for increased transparency and better communication were made at the event. (Chinese)

Phoenix Commentary: Society does not need more “Shenyang Uncles”
Phoenix 凤凰网 , December 25, 2013
This article comments on the recently discussed case of a Shenyang traffic accident. The commentary posits that legal changes must go hand-in-hand with societal changes in ethics and morality. (Chinese)

To optimize the provision of public cultural service; government, and social organizations must sing a good ‘duet’
优化公共文化服务 政府与社会组织须唱好”二人转”
By Wang Lianwen 王连文, China Culture Daily 中国文化报, December 26, 2013
This article, using quotes from government, NGO, and academic sources, espouses the view that government and social organizations must learn to work effectively together to give the public the best possible provision of services. (Chinese)

Grassroots organization incubation centre centre set up by government and social organization
By Liu Tianzhou 刘天瑶 and Zhou Dazheng 周大正, Wenzhou Business Paper 温州商报 , December 27, 2013
A new social organization incubation centre has been opened in Wenzhou. According to the Director of the Sun Yat-Sen Civil Society research Centre, it is the first in China to be set-up by the government but run by an NGO. (Chinese)

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