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Nippon Paint China’s ‘Color, Way of Love’ sweeps China charity festival awards
Global Times 环球时报, January 20, 2014
The third China Charity Festival, with the tagline “Engage in charity work to beautify your life”, was recently held in Beijing and awarded prizes to corporate social responsibility schemes. Nippon Paint China did well at the awards, winning “Best Annual philanthropic Group”, “Best Annual Philanthropic People” and “Best Philanthropic Project Award”.

Wang Zhenyao: The three waves and three reflections of the public welfare field
By Yan Bing 闫冰, China Philanthropy Times 公益时报, January 22, 2014
Wang Zhenyao, Dean of Beijing Normal University’s China Philanthropy Research Institute, talks of three trends and three problems that have recently arisen in the Chinese public welfare field. These include the rise of CSR, and the problem that Chinese philanthropy is “disaster philanthropy, not everyday life philanthropy”. (Chinese)

A dinner with Deng Fei: heart, vision, and methods
By Zhang Xiaoxiang 张枭祥, China Philanthropist中国慈善家, January 21, 2014
Describes a December 2013 dinner event with social entrepreneur Deng Fei, in which he imparts his plans and visions to friends in the media. (Chinese)

Yang Peng: In the age of 4G why are we not criticizing how we do public welfare?
By Yan Bing 闫冰, China Philanthropy Times 公益时报, January 22, 2014
The One Foundation Secretary-General Yang Peng discusses the challenges that the new ‘4G generation’ brings to the public welfare sector, focusing on the issues of transparency, participation, and professionalization. (Chinese)

The ten big public welfare news stories of 2013
By Yan Bing 闫冰, China Philanthropy Times 公益时报, January 22, 2014
The top ten big public welfare news stories of 2013, as chosen by China Philanthropy Times experts and readers. They include the results of the National Peoples Congress, the Lushan earthquake, and the introduction of third-party evaluation of public welfare projects. (Chinese)

2014 Spring Festival Force for Good Charity Gala, revealing the dreams and beliefs of vocational public welfare workers
2014向善力量公益春晚 展现职业公益人理想与信念
China Development Brief 中国发展简报, January 22, 2014
The second ‘Force for Good – Spring Festival Love Public Welfare Gala’ was recently held in Shenzhen. It was attended by over 600 people working in the public welfare and CSR sectors, and celebrated their achievements in 2013. (Chinese)

Social organizations, how can we construct and manage them?
By Xing Xiaowen 邢晓雯, Southern Metropolis Daily 南方都市报, January 23, 2014
Article that follows a recently held workshop on social innovation in the Pearl River Delta, looking at how social organizations can be best encouraged to contribute to the modernization and improvement of Guangdong society. (Chinese)

Living and dying alongside unreliable foundations
By Feng Yongfeng 冯永锋, ngocn.net, January 23, 2014
Journalist and founder of the environmental NGO Green Beagle, Feng Yongfeng, writes about the problems working with ‘unreliable’ domestic Chinese foundations. (Chinese)

What kind of social enterprise can be widely replicated?
By Ma Jinhua 马锦华, Social Entrepreneur 社会创业家, January 24, 2014
Article on which aspects of existing models of social enterprises should be replicated; including looking at issues of liability, ownership, and pricing. (Chinese)

How small-to-medium size NGOs can disseminate information
By Ren Jue 任珏, Social Entrepreneur 社会创业家, January 24, 2014
A look at the ways in which smaller NGOs can make effective use of the limited resources available to them to disseminate information about their activities. It includes looking at project design, gathering material, production, distribution channels, and social marketing. (Chinese)

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