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Chinese Overseas Aid

CDB’s map of overseas projects by Chinese NGOs is now online!

The topic of Chinese NGOs and charities working overseas has gained increasing traction over the last few years. As China has risen to the status of second largest economy, many are optimistic about the potential for Chinese philanthropy to make…

Hannah Ryder: Understanding the Africa-China Relationship

Development Reimagined is a Beijing-based consultancy which aims to help African stakeholders manage their relationship with China. Its founder, Hannah Ryder, talks to CDB about how the Africa-China relationship can be made to work for African countries, what Chinese NGOs can contribute to Africa, Chinese aid policies and much more.

China Red Cross donates $100,000 to Sri Lanka victims

On April 21, 250 people were killed and 500 were injured in a series of bombings in Sri Lanka. According to the Chinese embassy, six of those killed and five of those injured were Chinese nationals. On May 4, the…