China Red Cross donates $100,000 to Sri Lanka victims

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  • China Red Cross donates $100,000 to Sri Lanka victims

On April 21, 250 people were killed and 500 were injured in a series of bombings in Sri Lanka. According to the Chinese embassy, six of those killed and five of those injured were Chinese nationals.

On May 4, the Chinese ambassador to Sri Lanka Cheng Xueyuan met the Secretary of the Sri Lanka Red Cross Society Nimal Kumar, and on behalf of the Red Cross Society of China donated $100,000 as humanitarian emergency relief aid to be used specifically for the victims of the April 21 bombings.

The ambassador expressed that China will stand with the people of Sri Lanka at such a tragic moment, and support the protection of national security and stability. He also stated that the Chinese Government will communicate closely with the Sri Lankan Government, and provide what aid it can according to the Sri Lankan Government’s needs. He also wished the survivors a quick recovery and the restoration of peace in the country.

Kumar related the work that the Red Cross has done since the April 21 bombings, thanked the Chinese Red Cross for its help during this difficult time, and promised that every penny will be used on the survivors’ recovery. He added that Sri Lanka will always remember that the Chinese Government and people have consistently provided enormous help towards the development of the Sri Lankan economy and society.