CDB Reports


In-depth analyses on the issues facing Chinese civil society. Most of these articles have been written by CDB’s staff or translated from Chinese sources, while others are guest contributions from academics and NGO practitioners inside and outside of China.

The Spring for Civic Public Interest has Arrived

In this preface to the Beijing News’ 2013 Public Welfare Report, Narada Foundation chair, Xu Yongguang, lays out his bright outlook for the civic welfare sector in the aftermath of the 18th Central Committee’s Third Plenum Decision.

Chinese NGOs in a Globalizing World

Wu Chen discusses a weakness of China’s grassroots NGOs that prevents them from fully participating in international development discussions: their lack of English language skills and familiarity with international perspectives.

The Guo Meimei Scandal: Weibo Microblogging Unveils the Chinese Red Cross

The 2011 Guo Meimei scandal has become the stuff of Chinese urban legend. This article, excerpted from the 2012 China Blue Book of Philanthropy, seeks to present a balanced account of how the scandal unfolded and what its impact was on the Chinese Red Cross, and the philanthropic sector as a whole, and the measures the Red Cross is taking to reform itself in the scandal’s wake.