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Civil Society

Shenzhen Mammoth Foundation donates virus detection kits to Serbia

The Shenzhen Mammoth Public Welfare Foundation (深圳市猛犸公益基金会) has donated a batch of 1000 Coronavirus Detection Kits to Serbia, with the cooperation of the Chinese Embassy in Serbia and the Serbian government. The Serbian President and Prime Minister expressed their gratitude…

Fund for pneumoconiosis sufferers wins charity award

Wang Keqin has been awarded as part of the “70 people in 70 years of Chinese charity brands” (中国慈善公益品牌70年70人) awards, which were announced at the 14th Annual Brands and Personalities Summit on December 18. The awards are organized jointly by…

How China’s Overseas NGO Law was Conceived

The process of drawing up China's Overseas NGO Law of 2017 was more complex than many imagine. A draft of the law was opened up to public comment, and the feedback provided by the NGO sector contributed to the final result.

Observations on the first half year of waste-sorting in Shanghai

On July 1, 2019, Shanghai launched a “first shot” at the classification of domestic waste. The Shanghai Municipal Regulations on domestic waste, the most stringent ever released in China, stipulate that domestic waste must be sorted into four categories: dry…