Fund for pneumoconiosis sufferers wins charity award

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Wang Keqin has been awarded as part of the “70 people in 70 years of Chinese charity brands” (中国慈善公益品牌70年70人) awards, which were announced at the 14th Annual Brands and Personalities Summit on December 18. The awards are organized jointly by Brandcn (品牌联盟) and Shanda Net (善达网).

Wang, a well-known investigate reporter, has been called “the first journalist to expose the dark side in China”. He is known for reports like “The black market for securities in Lanzhou is washing up shareholders” (兰州证券黑市狂洗“股民”), “The inside story behind the Beijing taxi industry monopoly” (北京出租车业垄断黑幕), and “Investigation into a Shanxi coal mine” (山西煤窑真相调查), all of which had strong social repercussions and a positive impact on the promotion of relevant policies and regulations.

In June 2011, together with the Chinese Social Assistance Foundation, Wang launched a charitable fund, which is now known as Da’aiqingchen (大爱清尘). It is a fund dedicated to helping the six million farmers with pneumoconiosis in China and promoting the prevention and ultimate elimination of this deadly lung condition.

In the past nine years, the Da’aiqingchen team has made great efforts to promote three major changes for farmers who suffer from pneumoconiosis:

1. Helping to change the condition of the patients: more than 80,000 pneumoconiosis farmers have been assisted in 31 provinces and cities;
2. Helping to change social attitude towards farmers with pneumoconiosis: much work has been done to put this long-ignored group at the center of public attention.
3. Helping promote policies: for eight years, the Da’aiqingchen team have made recommendations, and promoted the national policies as they were issued year by year. Especially in 2019 the state has begun to take national action against pneumoconiosis. At present the provinces and cities are gradually introducing new policies, and a provincial governor’s leading group has been set up to tackle the disease.