Report released on the response of Beijing’s social organizations to the coronavirus

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The Beijing Social Organization Development Service Center, in conjunction with the Beijing Social Organization Incubation Center and the Social Organization Innovation Acceleration Project, has conducted an investigation on the city’s social organizations during the coronavirus epidemic, looking at their basic situation, action measures, the impact they have suffered and the support they require.

The results and analysis have now been published under the title “Social Organizations in Action Under the Epidemic – An Investigative Report on the Situation of Beijing Social Organizations in Response to the Epidemic”.

The investigation’s main findings are as follows: a) the epidemic delayed the return to work of social organizations, during which time most of them carried out their work remotely; b) social organizations actively participated in the anti-epidemic operations, but the degree of participation was limited by their resources and channels. Relief methods mainly focused on advocacy, publicity and consultation; c) the epidemic has created many challenges for the survival and development of social organizations; d) opportunities and challenges coexist, but 42.86% of social organizations have difficulty judging the impact of the epidemic; e) social organizations aspire to receive concrete support.

The surveyed social organizations put forward the following suggestions:
a) Establishing a normalized mechanism for social organizations to respond to public crises; b) Attaching importance to the service of social organizations based on the public interest, and incorporating the support of the development of social organizations into the construction of a national emergency system; c) Simplifying the annual inspection and annual report procedures, and reducing the pressure on social organizations during the epidemic.