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China’s International NGOs in a Time of Pandemic

China appears to be over the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic. How has the country's resilient community of international NGOs adjusted its work to the unusual situation over the past few months? And what are the prospects for such organizations in the future?

New controversy over the handling of public health donations

After the recent criticism levelled at the Red Cross Society of Hubei for allegedly mismanaging donations, another charity has come under criticism for the way it has handled donations for the coronavirus health crisis. The Wuhan branch of the China…

Volunteer in Wuhan dies after getting infected

Pengpai News (澎湃新闻) has reported on the death of a volunteer in Wuhan who became infected with the coronavirus pneumonia. The volunteer, named He Hui, was 54 years old and a member of the Wuhan Voluntary Driver Team. Volunteers recruited…

Social workers spurred into action against coronavirus

The present time is a critical period for the prevention and control of the pneumonia outbreaks linked to the new coronavirus. As an important part of the social forces and the professional and technical personnel engaged in specialized social service…

Beyond the Coronavirus: a Safer Food System for China

The recent outbreak of a new respiratory disease in Wuhan has been traced back to a market selling live and wild animals. This article presents some policy recommendations for avoiding such outbreaks in the future.