Volunteer in Wuhan dies after getting infected

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Pengpai News (澎湃新闻) has reported on the death of a volunteer in Wuhan who became infected with the coronavirus pneumonia. The volunteer, named He Hui, was 54 years old and a member of the Wuhan Voluntary Driver Team.

Volunteers recruited by a charity in Wuhan told Pengpai that He Hui was a member of a medical staff volunteer team. Public information shows that the duty of the volunteer team is to transport medical staff to work and back home.

He Hui was a native of Wuhan. Before and after the Eve of the Chinese New Year, he had mentioned that he would join the volunteer team. “You should contribute whatever you have and do whatever you can in a moment like this”, he is reported as saying.

A community worker who shares the same neighbourhood recalled that on January 31, He Hui’s family reported to the community that he had a fever and wanted to be hospitalized. Later the community contacted him regularly, but only to receive an intermittent response. At about 10 am on February 3rd, the staff called He Hui’s son. His son said that He Hui was staying in hospital.

According to his family, He Hui died at 4 pm on February 3rd at the Tongji Hospital Sino-French New Town district. The last time the family saw him was at the clinic of Tongji Hospital, when he was getting into an ambulance and was ready to be transferred to the hospital. He waved to his family. At that time, he was calm and looked strong.

The funeral parlour at Yusun Mountain, Caidian District, Wuhan City confirmed on the 4th that a man named He Hui had been sent to them by the Tongji Hospital Sino-French New Town district. His death certificate read “respiratory failure”.