Social workers spurred into action against coronavirus

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The present time is a critical period for the prevention and control of the pneumonia outbreaks linked to the new coronavirus. As an important part of the social forces and the professional and technical personnel engaged in specialized social service work, the majority of social workers are actively involved in epidemic prevention and related work.

China’s “Charity Times” recently reported on the efforts made nationally to organize social workers to participate in the struggle against the epidemic. As the respected outlet reported, the China Social Work Federation has released the “Proposal to National Social Workers” and the “Manual for Social Workers for Pneumonia Prevention and Control of the New Coronavirus Infection”, put out a series of online courses entitled “Community-Based, Fighting the Epidemic”, and launched an activity on mental health assistance for coronavirus victims”. The China Social Work Education Association issued the “Guidelines on Social Work Participation in the Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Infection and Pneumonia (First Edition)”, which includes four general rules of work, four service ethics, and three-level service guidelines.

Activities are organized nationwide. Wuhan has recruited professional social workers to provide supporting services for the prevention and treatment of pneumonia; Shanghai has appealed to social workers to join the “War against Epidemic-Shanghai Social Workers Service Team”; Guangzhou social workers jointly implemented the “Guangzhou Social Worker Red Cotton Guard Hotline” service operation; and Chengdu social workers went door to door to check the epidemic situation, running around to coordinate the needed supplies.