CDB Reports

Past Events

Events recently held in the NGO, development, and philanthropy sectors in China.

CDB Forum – China’s Overseas NGO Law Two Years On

Two years after the implementation of the new law, China Development Brief hopes to utilize our “CDB Forum” as a platform to facilitate discussion on the experiences and challenges overseas NGOs may have when operating under the changed circumstances, and on how they should deal with the future.

2018 Investment for Good

Investment for Good is a week-long immersive program designed to provide rising global leaders, finance professionals and social entrepreneurs with hands-on training in impact investment, inclusive development, and women's entrepreneurship.

World Philanthropy Forum 2018

Under the theme of “building a sustainable Community of Shared Future for Mankind,” the third WPF will focus on content concerning poverty eradication, health and well-being, quality education, sustainable cities and communities, and the partnership to promote the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Homeschooling in China

In this talk, you will hear Min Zha share the latest research findings from 21st Century Education Research Institute on China’s homeschooling community. You’ll be able to see a general portrait of homeschooling families across the country, including their motivations, approaches, and perceptions of homeschooling.

PIM Program Applications Now Open for 2018!

Based on PIM’s “learning by doing” approach to social impact and immersive cross-cultural experiences, we are launching a new crop of programs to engage young leaders in building skills for effective social impact evaluation and investment.

Professional Fellows Program

The National Committee on U.S.-China Relations has received funding to implement the Professional Fellows Program for Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mongolia. This two-way exchange program includes participants who work in the fields of environment, legal aid, community building among marginalized populations, and philanthropy.

EU-China NGO twinning

The EU-China NGO Twinning is an exchange program for the staff of European and Chinese NGOs. By bringing European and Chinese NGOs together we encourage NGO partnerships and improve understan­ding of how civil society looks at the topics they are engaged with in different parts of the world.

Women Deliver 2019 Conference

Women Deliver is well-known for its global conferences that bring together people from across a multitude of sectors, issues, and cultures. Held every three years, the conferences are fueling stations where organizations and individuals leave re-energized, knowledgable, well connected, and challenged to think outside the box.

G(irls)20 Summit 2018 in Argentina

G(irls)20 is coming to Argentina for the 9th annual Global Summit. 20+ young women from around the world will arrive in Buenos Aires for a week of leadership training, social enterprise development and mentoring by female leaders in the business and public sectors.

Regional Women’s Institute on Leadership & Disability (WILD) Program in Asia

Sixteen women with disabilities from China, India, Nepal, and Sri Lanka will be selected to participate in an eight-day WILD program in Sri Lanka to exchange experiences, explore strategies, strengthen a regional network of support, and create collaborative plans to promote inclusion of women with disabilities in community development efforts.

Vagina Project’s 3rd “More Than Two” Debate is at Hand

Societies tend to make a simple dichotomy regarding gender temperament: masculinity demands men to be assertive and powerful while femininity requires women to be docile and quiet. In many cases, when people’s gender temperament does not match their sex, they are likely to be criticized or condemned.

Talk: How to Protect Children From Sexual Violence?

Founded by teachers and students who care about gender issues at the School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University, Changemakers aims to raise teenagers' awareness of gender equality via educational activities and social media.