PIM Program Applications Now Open for 2018!

“What if you could go beyond just thinking about the critical challenges of our times —climate change, worsening inequality, poverty — and focus on building solutions instead?
How might you begin preparing yourself today to tackle the world’s biggest and most complex issues?”

PIM believes that:

when we do, we learn.

Based on PIM’s “learning by doing” approach to social impact and immersive cross-cultural experiences, we are launching a new crop of programs to engage young leaders in building skills for effective social impact evaluation and investment, and taking concerted action in advancing the UN SDGs by applying venture capitalist models and business acumen to support innovative social organizations.Together, we are building a lasting network of highly-effective changemakers, equipped to make a real difference in realizing these goals.

What We Do

PIM’s summer programs give you the chance to immerse yourself in an international context while learning unique skillsets that can be used in a variety of fields, including negotiation, impact analysis, design thinking, and more. Consisting of three different track options, our summer trainings are designed to transform rising leaders into highly effective changemakers passionate about social innovation and venture philanthropy.Organized with the support of strategic partners such as the Yale Center Beijing as well as community partners ranging from local social enterprises to nonprofits, we provide rising global leaders with the skills, networks, and funding to advance scalable solutions to the world’s most pressing problems.

Our Programs

Model Foundation

  • August 6-12
  • Yale Center Beijing
  • Social Innovation
7-day immersive program on venture philanthropy and social innovation in China.For university campus leaders, early-stage intra/entrepreneurs, & community builders.
Work with early-stage social ventures across China and join a global community of changemakers driving innovative SDG action. Program includes:
  • Workshops by cross-sector experts
  • Field site visits to social ventures
  • Investment due diligence
  • Crafting a funding pitch for a start-up social enterprise or non-profit
  • Managing a collective $20,000 fund

Investment for Good

  • July 15- 21; OR October 1-7
  • Delhi Region, India
  • Development Finance       

7-day immersive program on impact investment and inclusive development.

For graduate business students, intra/entrepreneurs, & aspiring finance or development professionals.

Immerse yourself in India’s impact investment sector and meet with India-focused social investors, philanthropists, and social entrepreneurs. Includes:
  • Workshops by cross-sector experts
  • Field site visits to social ventures
  • Round-table discussions with impact inventors and philanthropists
  • Crafting a funding pitch for a social enterprise
  • Testing an investment thesis

Influence for Good

  • July 13-22; OR August 15-24
  • New York Region, USA
  • Creating Influence

10-day immersive study tour on corporate social responsibility, narrative crafting, innovative branding, and public/private partnerships for social good.

For graduate policy students, marketing students, campus leaders, early-stage entrepreneurs.

Design a sustainable brand / campaign for a cause and immerse yourself in top companies / and foundations driving social impact in New York. Includes:
  • Field site visits to experts in CSR and public/private partnerships
  • Roundtable discussion with cross-sector leaders
  • Hands-on workshops on storytelling, systems-thinking, and more
  • Designing a marketing plan for a sustainable brand
  • Creating a campaign for a cause

What You Build

Cross-Sector Skills
Develop and apply 21st century leadership skills in fundraising, pitching, program/impact evaluation, negotiation, design thinking and financial modeling. Elevate your professional skills to the next level.
International Network
Get to know high-level leaders of cutting-edge social enterprises, and a community of changemakers in three of the world’s fastest-paced cities.
Training and Career Mentorship
Receive guidance on developing a career in social impact and innovation while gaining hands-on experience.
Cross-cultural Fluency
Practice communicating your ideas and learning from others in a uniquely cross-cultural environment, bridging social innovation sectors in China, India, and the US. 

Your Impact

Drive Investment 
Move ideas to action by investing $20,000USD in an early-stage social venture you deem to be the most impactful. Design and launch projects to help good ideas scale.
Promote Innovation
Raise the profiles of high-potential local organizations on a global scale.
Pioneer Change
Lead your peers by making meaningful impact. Our generation’s entrepreneurial spirit and drive to make a difference will change the world.
Our Participants
Our participants come from diverse backgrounds, lead in their own communities, and are driven to make real impact. PIM’s community represents diverse majors and top universities around the world:
Harvard University | Tsinghua University | Cornell University | Yale University | Peking University | Princeton University| New York University | Renmin University | Stanford University| University of California, Berkeley | University of Edinburgh (UK)| University of Hong Kong | Amherst College | Xiamen University | Yale- NUS | Fudan University | Zhejiang University | Australia National University
Meet Our 2017 Alumni
Will Hinthorn | Princeton University
“I wanted to serve humanity, but my larger philanthropic ambitions were hobbled by fears and uncertainty of taking the first step. The first question I started to probe was that of organizational accountability. The social enterprise I was tasked with researching, Smart Air, builds their mission on this very concept. Smart Air wishes to change the way China and the world views and lives with air pollution. I learned the significance of Smart Air’s commitment to a scientific approach to accountability fully registered by working with the founder Tom. Working with Smart Air this summer helped me place my own work in schools and NGOs within a broader context.”
Wenxin Yan | Peking University
“Model Foundation’s week-long conference has empowered me as much as it has inspired me. Centered on reducing inequality, the Innovation for Impact Summit brought together many influential speakers from renowned organizations like UN Women, Bottledream and Ford Foundation. The greatest takeaway was to be courageous in taking innovative approaches to tackle daunting tasks.Being young should not be a limitation; instead, we are powerful enough to start making our world a better place to live by giving our time, talents, money and voice in an intelligent way.” 

Who We’re Looking For

A student, young professional, intra/entrepreneur (primarily 18-30 yrs) who has demonstrated:
  • Commitment to generating positive change in your community, school, or country through entrepreneurship, policy, student clubs, NGOs, etc.
Intellectual maturity and cultural fluency.
  • Initiative and a willingness to go outside your comfort zone.
  • High proficiency in English and Mandarin (Beijing program only) with the ability to engage in complex discussions.
Application Details
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PIMPhilanthropy in Motion (PIM) is an internationally recognized social enterprise that empowers millennials with the funding, training, and networks to become mission-driven leaders and amplify their social impact. We guide individuals through a comprehensive process of identifying their missions, investigating social issues, and leveraging collective resources to advance social innovation in Greater China. Combining world class curricula with an experiential learning approach, our education programs have empowered hundreds of young people to take a strategic, venture capital model to philanthropy, deciding how to best allocate funding and resources to impactful social ventures. Our clients and partners range from the likes of World Bank to Peking University, and we have been recognized by Forbes, the Economist, and other news media for our work in the social impact space.
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In Brief

Based on PIM’s “learning by doing” approach to social impact and immersive cross-cultural experiences, we are launching a new crop of programs to engage young leaders in building skills for effective social impact evaluation and investment.

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