CDB Forum 2023: Exploring How NGOs In China Can Seize the Opportunities of the Post-Covid Era

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In the past three years, the Covid-19 pandemic has affected different aspects of social development. National economies have been hit hard. The conflicts between fairness and efficiency, growth and distribution, technology and employment have become increasingly prominent, and the gap between rich and poor is still wide. How can the philanthropy sector escape the current predicament and achieve steady and sustainable development? What will be the new opportunities for local social organizations and INGOs under new policies such as common prosperity and the dual carbon goals? Here at CDB, we care more about solutions than problems, and we want to look at future opportunities rather than current difficulties and challenges.

To this end, the 2023 CDB Forum hosted by Beijing E-Share Civil Society Information Centre (China Development Brief, or CDB) will focus on “the new trends of China’s NGO sector in the post-pandemic era”, bringing together experts on the sector, overseas and local NGO professionals, CSR leaders of multinational companies and other observers to point out the new opportunities and innovative models of the sector from different perspectives (e.g. policy-makers, funders and social needs). One purpose of the forum is to boost the confidence of the sector and help overseas and local NGOs to continue to grow in the post-Covid era.

OrganizerBeijing E-Share Civil Society Information Centre (China Development Brief)

Support unit: Beijing Service Center for Overseas Non-governmental Organizations

Cooperation organizers:

Anhui Ensan Charity Foundation

Anhui Yihe Commonweal Service Center

Beijing Social Work Development Center for Facilitators

Baoji Xinxing Aid for Street Kids

Changchun Xinyu Social Organization Innovation Development Center

Hainan Chenyang Social Work Development Center

Nanchang Yixin Yiyi Public Welfare Service Center


Shaanxi Fuyuanhui Gender Development and Training Center (GDS)

Participants: Representatives from overseas NGOs in China, domestic NGO professionals, multinational corporate CSR leaders and more

Number of attendees: 100-150

Language: Chinese

Fee: RMB 200 per person (including lunch)

Please note: Registered organizations can display promotional material of each organization in the exhibition area of the event venue.

To register, scan QR or click here:


Schedule (subject to change)

08:30-09:00:     Registration

09:00-09:10:     Opening remarks

Ray Zhang, Executive Director of China Development Brief

Peter Liu, Senior Consultant at China Development Brief

09:10-09:35:    Keynote speech

Theme: Development opportunities for non-profit organizations under the guidance of new policies

Mr. Tao Chuanjin from Beijing Normal University

09:35-10:50:    Roundtable discussion (1)

Theme: Donors’ Perspective: New Funding Strategies and Directions

Moderator: Zhang Qiang from Beijing Normal University

Participants: Mrs. Elizabeth Knup from Ford Foundation;

Mrs. Jane Zhang from Asia Foundation;

Ms. Wang Yuanyuan from Ensan Foundation;

Mrs. Wang Rui from Global Giving Foundation;

Mr. Zhang Boju from Ginkgo Foundation;

10:50-11:00:     Q&A

11:00-12:00:     Roundtable discussion (2)    Theme: INGOs in China

Moderator: Mr. Liu Yanfeng from Xiaomi Foundation

Participants: Mr. John Teng from World Vision China

Ms. Paris Law from Oxfam Hong Kong

Mrs. Zhang Yexia from Plan International China

Mrs. Zhu Yunyun from The George Institute for Global Health (Australia) China

Mrs. Yu Chong from WildAid

Ms. Zhou Jie from Save the Children International (UK) Beijing Representative Office

12:00-12:10:    Q&A

12:10-13:00:    Lunch break

13:00-13:30:   Report release: 2023 post-Covid research report on the current situation of social organizations            CDB

13:30-14:30:   Roundtable discussion (3)

Theme: Opportunity and strategy for local NGOs in the post-Covid era

Moderator: Mr. Dong Qiang from China Agricultural University

Participants: Mr. Wu Haoliang from Beijing Heyi Green Foundation;

Mrs. Yu Haibo from Changchun Xinyu Social Organization Innovation and Development Center;

Mr. Chen Yang from Hainan Rising Sun Social Work Development Center ;

Mr. Peng Haihui from Nanchang Yixinyiyi Public Welfare Service Center;

Mr. Zhang Jun, Shaanxi Fuyuanhui Gender Development Center, Executive Director

14:30-14.40:  Q&A

14:40-15:00:    Keynote speech on ESG

Theme: The integrated development space for NGOs and corporate ESG under the dual carbon goals

Special guest: Mr. Zhang Sheng from SynTao Co., Ltd

15:00-15:05:     Q&A

15:05-15:25:    Keynote speech:

Theme: Comparison of risks and opportunities in the charity sector before and after the revision of the Charity Law

Special guest: Mr. He Guoke from Beijing Zhicheng Lawyer Firm

15:25-15:30:     Q&A

15:30-16:00:     Tea break

16:00-17:00:     Special topic: “Seize the moment, swim against the tide”

Speakers:Niu Jianing from China House

Mr. Michael Hermann from Humana People to People China

Li Tao from Beijing Social Work Development Center for Facilitators

17:00-17:30:   Closing remarks

Special guest: Kang Xiaoguang   Renmin University of China,  President of China Institute for Philanthropy and Social Innovation


In Brief

Venue Details

Will be held at a Beijing hotel

Contact Details

Zhao Ran


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