Report: over half of public-fundraising foundations received no income in 2017

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Out of the over 200 foundations registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 184 foundations (including 99 non-public fundraising ones and 85 public fundraising ones) had issued their annual reports for 2017 by April 20. The Charity Times has analyzed the reports, and published an article detailing some of its findings.

Out of the 85 public fundraising foundations to have issued their reports, 15 are not recognized as charitable organizations and have not received public fundraising qualification certificates, and four of them only received the recognition as charitable organizations but not the public fundraising qualifications. 45 of the public-fundraising foundations received no funds from the general public. Out of those, 34 foundations were founded before 2004, and 13 before 1990. It is noticeable that there are foundations that received income from public fundraising, but did not conduct any public fundraising activities.

During 2017, 50 public fundraising foundations made gains from their investments. The China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation received the highest investment earnings, with 52.35 million yuan. Nine foundations received more than 10 million from investment earnings. The two foundations that attained negative earnings were the China Foundation for Disabled Persons and the China Nationality Culture Foundation respectively.

Out of the 99 non-public fundraising foundations 70% had investment earnings, with the Tsinghua University Education Foundation reporting the highest earnings at 315 million yuan. 12 non-public fundraising foundations received investment earnings of more than 10 million yuan, and half of them were university foundations. Compared with public fundraising foundations, private ones are found to be more active in making investments and to have more funds that can be invested.