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6-10 August 2018 | Beijing



The Training of Facilitators (TOF) trains professionals who can deliver Disability Equality Training (DET), a methodology developed by the United Nations system for attitudinal change towards disability inclusion. Through the DET-TOF, participants typically benefit from:

  • Intensive facilitation skills building
  • Deepened understanding of disability equality and inclusion
  • Ability to use facilitation in different topics and contexts
  • Alumni network of leading disability inclusion professionals

DET facilitators in China have successfully applied the methodology in the governments, NGOs and businesses, and adapted it for issues including gender equality, unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion in companies, anti-discrimination and social justice.


Since 2014, the ILO, UNDP, UNESCO and UNICEF have been working together with national partners and stakeholders to promote equal rights and entitlements for persons with disabilities in China, with the support of the UN Partnership on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNPRPD). Currently in the second Phase (2018-2020) joined by UNFPA.

A key methodology and tool adopted by the Project is the Disability Equity Training (DET), which is a dynamic, highly participatory and interactive approach to stimulating attitudinal change towards disability inclusion among participants. DET has effectively transformed attitudes and built confidence, competence and commitment of 350 duty bearers and service providers to undertake their roles in advancing the equal rights and inclusion of persons with disabilities.

In order to scale up its impact, the project aims to increase the number and capacity of DET facilitators, who will form a Community of Practice to provide sustainable support and ensure long-term engagement of DET-trained professionals. To this end, a Disability Equality Training – Training of Facilitators (DET-TOF) workshop will be organized on 6-10 August 2018 in Beijing.

Disability Equality Training (DET)

Disability Equality Training (DET) aims to:

  • sensitise participants to disability issues in the context of the programmes, projects and activities they plan, run, support or promote;
  • introduce participants to the basic tools and concepts they need to make changes to these activities, in order to ensure the equal participation of people with disabilities

DET differs from traditional approaches to disability awareness training in that it:

  • works from the rights-based equality model enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities;
  • aims to identify practical solutions for promoting equality of participation by people with disabilities;
  • focuses closely on the implications of disability for the conceptual and practical components of participants’ work;
  • involves participants in making plans for necessary changes.

The content of a typical DET includes:

  • attitudes to disability, and how these impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations and services;
  • key concepts in disability equality, and how to apply them;
  • appropriate language and basic disability etiquette;
  • national and international legal frameworks, policies and practices related to people with disabilities, and how these apply to participants’ own work and situations;
  • reasonable accommodations necessary to achieve equality of participation for people with disabilities in organizations and services;

Disability Equality Training – Training of Facilitators (DET-TOF)

The Training of Facilitators Workshop aims to equip a selected group of participants with the skills necessary to run DET training within their own work contexts.

The DET-TOF is a five-day workshop scheduled on 6-10 August 2018.  During the first 1.5 days of the TOF, participants will take part in a typical DET workshop. Then, they will have the opportunity to reflect and practice as DET Facilitators.

The outline timetable is:

  • Day 1: introduction; demonstration of the main elements of DET
  • Day 2: analysis of the main elements of DET; discussion of national and international disability instruments
  • Days 3 and 4: individual practice facilitation and analysis
  • Day 5: revision; outstanding issues; outline of future process (written assignment, Community of Practice, recognition process); feedback.

As part of the workshop, each participant has to design and deliver a 30-minute individual practice facilitation session. Some time may be allocated for preparation during the programme’s working hours, but most will have to bedone as “homework”.  As well as the group feedback after each practice facilitation session, participants have the opportunity to receive more detailed one-to-one feedback from the programme leaders.

There is an option to complete a short written assignment after the DET-TOF. The aim is to see how the participants can situate DET for the kinds of participant groups they are likely to work with.

Assessment of participants in DET-TOF comprises observation during the workshop, plus the written assignment. Participants who are adjudged to be competent in both the practical and written parts of the programme will receive an exclusive DET facilitators’ manual.


Candidates who have completed the 5-day training and successfully passed assessments will receive:

  • A Certificate of Participation issued by UNESCO
  • A copy of a guidance manual which is available only to facilitators of DET
  • An invitation to join the China DET facilitators’ Community of Practice.  This gives facilitators of DET access to resources, a mentoring service, development opportunities and much more

Selection Criteria

Given the high level of inter-activity and feedback received by the expert, the Training of Facilitators is open to a maximum number of 12 participants:

  • Staff of China Disabled Persons Federation (CDPF) and Disabled Persons’ Organizations (DPOs);
  • Public institutions wishing to make their organisations become more disability inclusive;
  • Companies wishing to make their businesses/workplace more disability inclusive;
  • Staff of UN agencies/international organizations responsible for disability mainstreaming and/or disability specific programmes;
  • Organizations promoting gender equality;
  • Media organizations;
  • Education institutions;
  • Organizations/individuals interested in facilitation as a methodology for social change.

Applicants are assessed based on the following criteria:

  • Potential to influence the mainstream society using DET and facilitation
  • Ability and willingness to apply DET and promote disability inclusion in their work
  • Understanding of the methodology of facilitation
  • Understanding of issues related to disability inclusion
  • Potential to become an effective facilitator in disability inclusion
  • Level of commitment to disability and social inclusion in respective fields
  • Potential to facilitate cross-sectorial cooperation between mainstream organizations/companies and disability inclusion in China

We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations to enable suitably-qualified persons with disabilities to participate in the DET-TOF. Unfortunately, because of the methodology of DET, it is not possible to provide sign language interpretation or live captioning services.

Cost of participation

The DET-TOF workshop is free of charge to participants working in the public/non-profit sector.

Participants from companies/for-profit organizations, if successfully selected, will pay a financial contribution, managed by an implementing partner to cover workshop related cost.

All participants are responsible for their own transportation and accommodation in Beijing

How to apply

  • Individuals interested in attending this workshop must complete an online application following this link by 10 July 2018;
  • UNESCO encourages applications from women participants and participants with disabilities;
  • Successful applicants are informed by e-mail;
  • If you have any questions, please contact Ms. WANG Jingxiao:

DET Participant Testimony

“DET helped to adjust their [persons with disabilities] approach by raising their confidence to communicate a rights-based approach to stakeholders in a much more cooperative rather than challenging manner. This has led to companies, government agencies etc. taking actions such as providing more opportunities for persons with disabilities to work, to get inclusive education, to change the politics/policies etc. They are happy to do this rather than begrudgingly be forced to take action.”

—— Representative, major disabled persons’ organization in China

“Every interaction is deeply inspiring… Through questioning and discussing, we learnt how to truly understand the concept of ‘disability’, how to enable persons with disabilities to participate in the society. We know that we need to start from changing ourselves.”

—— Human Resources Manager, leading international consulting firm in China

“After joining the TOF, I applied facilitation into my management of the organization I was leading, and redefined my role in my team, redefined myself. The dialogues between team members from different culture backgrounds are more effective, and they made bigger results than I expected.”

—— Director General, major domestic foundation in China

In Brief

The Training of Facilitators (TOF) trains professionals who can deliver Disability Equality Training (DET), a methodology developed by the United Nations system for attitudinal change towards disability inclusion.

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Ms. WANG Jingxiao

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