CDB Reports


World mourns “Father of Hybrid Rice” Yuan Longping

On May 22, “Father of Hybrid Rice,” Yuan Longping passed away in Changsha, Hunan, at the age of 91. Yuan’s groundbreaking work in high-yield hybrid rice helped alleviate hunger and poverty for many across Asia and Africa. Rice is the…

Digital divide faced by elderly underscores need for civil attention

With rapid digital development, more senior citizens now own smartphones and can access the internet. In addition to advantages in faster communication, senior citizens face problems brought by the modern technology, such as over-relying on the internet and still being…

Mobile phone app for poverty alleviation comes under scrutiny

A mobile phone app named 社会扶贫 (social poverty alleviation) has recently become a focus of attention on the Chinese internet. The app was designed by the “China Social Poverty Alleviation Net”, an internet platform under the management of the State…

How Technology can Empower China’s Nonprofits

The rise of Chinese tech has astonished the world, but the development of nonprofit technology is still in its infancy. Two experts from this industry share their views with CDB on the challenges they face when pushing for systemic change.

An Analysis of Online Fundraising in China

Almost 1 billion RMB were raised online for charitable causes in the first half of 2018. This article analyses this important aspect of contemporary Chinese charity.