CDB Reports


Aging population pressures existing elderly care system

On Douban, a Chinese social media platform, over 50,000 people have been sharing their anxieties, hopelessness, pain, and even hatred of the burden caused by taking care of their aging parents. Those taking part in the discussion all have one…

China’s organ donation system still faces many challenges

With the development of technology and medicine, organ transplants in China have gradually become more common and safer. At present, the volume of organ transplants carried out in the country is second only to the United States. In the coming…

Donations not so black and white for ‘panda blood’ people

Wang Jinsong’s father needed an emergency surgery last November. Due to severe anemia, Wang’s father required at least 800 cc of blood before the operation. But Wang then found out that his father had “panda blood,” commonly known as the…

Portable life-saving device vital to health in Hubei village

An (automated external defibrillator) AED is a life-saving device for patients who experience sudden cardiac arrests. Sophisticated but easy to use, the device can be used to analyze heart rhythm and defibrillate the heart when needed. However, the device has…

The Han Hong Foundation: how a Celebrity Stepped Up Against Covid-19

When the new coronavirus first struck Wuhan, Chinese celebrity Han Hong and her foundation successfully raised funds from the public and other celebrities and used them to donate equipment to hospitals in Hubei, while manoeuvring around official regulations and increased scrutiny from social media.

Project HOPE donates medical equipment to Hubei Province

Project HOPE, the humanitarian NGO based in the United States, has collected medical equipment including 400,000 N95 face masks and 14,000 items of protective clothing for doctors, and it has shipped them to China in two batches in order to…

Bridging Gaps in China: an Interview with Michael Hermann

Michael Hermann, Humana People to People's China representative, talks to CDB about his organization's work in rural Yunnan, China's efforts to eliminate poverty, the Overseas NGO Law and much more in this wide-ranging interview.