Project HOPE donates medical equipment to Hubei Province

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Project HOPE, the humanitarian NGO based in the United States, has collected medical equipment including 400,000 N95 face masks and 14,000 items of protective clothing for doctors, and it has shipped them to China in two batches in order to support the country’s efforts to resist the coronavirus.

As reported by the Overseas NGOs Management Office of the Ministry of Public Security, the first batch of equipment reached Shanghai on the 2nd of February, and was distributed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of Hubei Province through the intermediation of China’s Red Cross. Due to the urgency of the situation, the Civil Aviation Administration organized an emergency airlift in order to transport the equipment from Shanghai to Hubei. The second batch reached Shanghai on the 4th of February.

Project HOPE was founded in 1958, and it provides humanitarian assistance and healthcare throughout the world. In 2001, Project HOPE signed a cooperation agreement with Wuhan University, jointly running nursing, AIDS prevention and oral health projects. In 2002, Wuhan University and Project Hope jointly founded a HOPE College with the university. In the last few years, the NGO has also run further public health projects in Hubei. In 2017, Project HOPE registered its offices in Beijing and Shanghai in accordance with the new Overseas NGO Law.