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The Guo Meimei Scandal: Weibo Microblogging Unveils the Chinese Red Cross

The 2011 Guo Meimei scandal has become the stuff of Chinese urban legend. This article, excerpted from the 2012 China Blue Book of Philanthropy, seeks to present a balanced account of how the scandal unfolded and what its impact was on the Chinese Red Cross, and the philanthropic sector as a whole, and the measures the Red Cross is taking to reform itself in the scandal’s wake.

Who has the right to launch a public interest lawsuit?

At the end of October, China’s ‘Environmental Protection Law’ was again discussed in the NPC Standing Committee's third investigation. The discussion touched upon the requirements for public interest lawsuits, and meant that once again society focused on the issues surrounding legal action.

Southern Metropolis Daily – The Difficulties of NGOs

Recently, an influential think tank and NGO called Beijing Transition Research Institute (北京传知行社会经济研究所) was shut down by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, bringing issues related to NGO registration and management back into the spotlight.