CDB Reports


Chengdu’s Aiyouxi: Building a Harmonious Community

CDB Senior Researcher, Fu Tao, introduces a unique community-based social enterprise that brings theater, a community marketplace, and community self-governance together in a neighborhood in Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan.

View from the Media: The Mysterious Decimal Point

This week we revisit the China Charity Aid Foundation for Children's “decimal point” incident from the end of last year. The reverberations caused by this controversy are perhaps surpassed only by the infamous 2011 “Guo Meimei” incident in terms of arousing public misgivings concerning public foundations' financial management.

A View from the Media: Who’s Responsible for Watching our Water?

One of the latest controversies in Chinese society has been the issue of groundwater pollution in Shandong and other provinces. Disillusioned by the ineffectuality of the government agencies responsible for monitoring pollution, a number of civil society advocates have emphasized the role of NGOs and the public in efforts to eradicate pollution

View from the Media: Fire and Ice

As a supplement to CDB's Weekly Civil Society News feature, we are launching View from the Media, a weekly column which will summarize and provide analysis of some of the major stories concerning civil society that appear in the Chinese media.

POLICY BRIEF NO. 12: A New Dawn After the 18th Party Congress?

After the 18th Party Congress, Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, who have been anointed to become the new president and premier respectively made a number of public appearances that gave observers some optimism that the new leadership will be supportive of reforms strengthening China’s civil society, but we will have to wait and see if they follow up with actions, and not just words.

POLICY BRIEF NO. 8: Grassroots NGOS Have a Long Way to Go

The news coming out this last month illustrates just how much the playing field is stacked against grassroots NGOs, even as reforms are carried out at the local level that in theory will make life easier for them by lowering barriers to registration and expanding government contracting to NGOs.

The Year of Scandal: Whose Carnival?

CDB’s editor, Liu Haiying, examines in depth the various scandals in the charitable, public interest sector in 2011, how the sector has responded to improve its credibility, and the implications for the sector’s future development.

POLICY BRIEF NO. 6: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back?

This month saw more policy changes emanating from the provincial governments in Beijing and Guangdong as the central and local governments adopt various partial measures in the absence of more up-to-date, comprehensive, national laws and regulations.

From NGOs to Governmental Organizations

In another social management innovation in Guangdong, the Nanhai District of Foshan City announced they would invite NGO personnel to participate in the election of 19 cadres at the vice section level (fukeji)