CDB Reports


POLICY BRIEF NO. 4: Coopting Chinese NGOs?

Several news articles during this period offer a more sobering assessment of developments in the nonprofit sector, or the “charitable” or “public welfare” sector as it is commonly referred to in the Chinese press and official documents. These articles highlight an effort by the Chinese government to maintain close ties to, and control over, social organizations

NGOCN’s Financial Incident

This article reveals one of the negative aspects of the NGO sector in China, as well as in other countries: financial mismanagement. It profiles NGOCN, a popular information-sharing and networking NGO website based originally in Kunming but which has since relocated to Guangzhou.

Major charitable projects should be audited and the results made public

In an effort to strengthen transparency and accountability in the public welfare sector, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a Notice which calls for major charitable projects to be audited after their completion, and the results of the audit made public.

Government Procurement Promotes Social Work Agencies

The following is a dense but very interesting article on a cutting-edge trend in China: the flowering of nonprofit (and some for-profit) social work agencies that are appearing in Chinese cities with the support of government funding and support