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POLICY BRIEF NO. 12: A New Dawn After the 18th Party Congress?

After the 18th Party Congress, Xi Jinping and Li Keqiang, who have been anointed to become the new president and premier respectively made a number of public appearances that gave observers some optimism that the new leadership will be supportive of reforms strengthening China’s civil society, but we will have to wait and see if they follow up with actions, and not just words.

Li Keqiang Focuses on AIDS Fight

At a meeting with representatives of HIV/AIDS groups, Vice Premier Li Keqiang pledged more support to grassroots organizations committed to combatting AIDS

Guangdong “Hub” Organizations Will Receive a “Transfusion”

Government to play a greater role in fostering development of social organizations in Guangdong.  The Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and Government recently released the “Provincial Social Affairs Committee’s Suggestions Regarding the Establishment of a “Hub” Organization System” which describes a…

Next year government will continue to contract NGO services

This article looks at the “2013 Project Implementation Plan for the Government Financial Support of Social Organizations’ Participation in Social Services” issued by the Ministry of Civil Affairs on December 11.  The Implementation Plan provides more information about the historic…