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Expert seeks more exposure of human rights issues
Xu Wei, China Daily, January 11, 2013
A top human rights expert called for more publicity on the issue as a book series on human rights was published on Jan 11.
Migrant parents' college bid a no-win war
By Bai Ping, China Daily, January 12, 2013
Migrant parents criticize higher education policy, which systematically discriminates against those whose hukou registration ties them to “undesirable” locations.
Rape victim to sue over compensation rejection
Xinhua, January 12, 2013
“Mother Tang,” who became an internet sensation after spending time in a labor camp for campaigning against her daughter's kidnappers, will lodge an administrative lawsuit to protest officials' rejection of her compensation claims.
Casting the weakest aside
By Liang Chen, Global Times, January 13, 2013
A fatal fire which took the lives of 7 people in an unregistered Lankao orphanage has led to a public controversy over unofficial care for orphans and the responsibility of state institutions.
Taicang promotes the professionalization of volunteer services; makes NGO leaders into CEOs
太仓推动义工服务专业化 让NGO掌门人成为CEO
By Gao Zhenhua 高振华, 苏州日报, January 14, 2013
The Taicang Social Organization Service Center will begin to incubate public welfare social organizations. (Chinese)
Boosting migrants' education
By Cheng Yingqi, China Daily, January 14, 2013
Overly optimistic headline for an article that describes Beijing government efforts to shut down schools for migrant children.
2012 Chinese Public Welfare and Charity Organizations' Transparency 46 Percent Higher Than Last Year
January 14, 2013
According to a report by the Chinese Charity Donation and Information Center, organizational transparency has increased this year, with the list of the most transparent organizations topped by the Narada Foundation, Adream Foundation, the China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped, the Amway Foundation, and the China Siyuan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. Confusion over the Chinese Red Cross Foundation's listing near the top of the list was clarified by an explication that the foundation is distinct from the Chinese Red Cross. (Chinese)
Bureau tried to 'borrow' orphans from temple
By Li Wenfang in Guangzhou and He Dan in Beijing, China Daily, January 15, 2013
A Guangdong district government comes under fire for attempting to “borrow” orphans from a temple as inspections following the Lankao fire affair bring to light corruption in orphan care.
Social organizations can apply for funding from Welfare Lottery Public Benefit Fund
By Li Chunjiang 李春江, Southern Daily (Guangzhou) 南方日报(广州), January 15, 2013
The standing committee of the Guangzhou municipal government has issued new rules that specify the means by which Guangzhou social organizations with a social welfare focus may apply for funding from the Welfare Lottery Public Benefit Fund. (Chinese)
3 public benefit institutions have no “professional social workers”
Chengdu Evening News 成都晚报, January 15, 2013
Professional social workers are still fairly scarce among Chengdu NGOs, but higher salary provisions for social workers at NGOs with ties to the government or business may make a social work degree increasingly attractive for those interested in social welfare work. (Chinese)
Local govts confused by re-education reforms
By Yang Jingjie, Global Times, January 15, 2013
While it does appear that the laojiao system will be reformed, several local governments reported receiving no clear directives on reform progress.
Workers' strike prompts call for better protection
By Qiu Quanlin in Guangzhou and Cao Yin in Beijing, China Daily, January 16, 2013
Legal experts have called for better protection of sanitation workers' rights after a number of workers went on strike over low wages in Guangzhou, the capital city of Guangdong province.
Second social organization incubation list published yesterday
第二批孵化社会组织名单 昨起公示
By Ou Yaqing 欧雅琴 , Southern Daily 南方日报, January 16, 2013
The Dongguan Prefecture Incubation Base announced its list of social organizations to be incubated in the upcoming year (included in article), although article does not specify what incubation entails. (Chinese)
Wang Zhenyao: Because the threshold for charity is too high, public participation remains low
By Lin Ping 林平, Justice Web 正义网, January 16, 2013
In an interview with Justice Web, Wang Zhenyao, President of Beijing Normal University's China Philanthropy Research Institute responded to recent public opprobrium concerning lack of transparency and inaccurate administration in Chinese foundation (instigated by a recent scandal at the China Charities Aid Foundation for Children), by pointing a finger at ineffective and outdated laws and regulations. Wang emphasized, for instance, that regulations requiring public foundations to spend 70 percent of funds raised from the previous year and private foundations to spend 8 percent of their total assets are “laughable.” Wang also argued that unnecessarily high restrictions that prevent the registration of small-scale private foundations make up the major disparity between the high number of foundations abroad, and the relatively low number in China. (Chinese)
Government works with NGOs to help homeless children
By Qin Fei 秦菲, Chengdu Evening News 成都晚报, January 17, 2013
Inspired by the recent Lankao fire incident, the Chengdu Minor Aid Relief and Protection Center held a forum on care and protection for homeless children, to shed light on the work that is currently being done and the spaces for growth, and to advocate for financial support from the government through procurement services. (Chinese)
After the Lankao fire, considering the path of religious charity
Buddhism Online 佛教在线, January 17, 2013
The Buddhist community responds to some of the revelations coming to light after the Lankao fire incident, and in a number of short essays, considers future directions for religious charity. (Chinese)
Gujinggong Alcohol to select its first Anhui NGO Leaders; leads to heated debate about public benefit spirit
古井贡酒安徽首届民间公益人物评选 引发公益精神热议
Everyone Online 万家热线, January 17, 2013
Gujinggong Alcohol get into the public benefit game, working to highlight NGO leadership in Anhui. (Chinese)
Clarifying the spirit and preparing to grasp the new concept of strengthening social construction in social innovation management
Northeast Web 东北网, January 17, 2013
Further explicates some points in the 18th Congress Report relating to the statement that “in strengthening social construction, we must carry forward the reform of social systems. (Chinese)
Self-run orphanages to be banned
Jinan Times 济南时报, January 17, 2013
The Jinan Civil Affairs Bureau announced that further efforts will be put into suppressing independent, unregistered orphanages, and to encourage organizations to apply for registration through the CAB. (Chinese)
This society needs more “meddlers”
Changjiang Business News长江商报, January 18, 2013
Profile of lawyer Zeng Xiangbin, who represented Friends of Nature in the milestone 2011 Liuliang chromium waste case lawsuit. (Chinese)
How did “I'd rather freeze to death than go to an aid station” occur?
BeijingNet 北青网, January 18, 2013 
In light of two recent incidents, one in which several homeless people froze to death within the vicinity of an “Aid Station,” and another in which an undercover journalist was beaten by Aid Station workers, Youth Commentary interviews Tang Jun, current secretary-general of the CASS Social Policy Research Center and former MCA Social Welfare and Social Advancement Research Institute Social Security Research Office, who confirms the likelihood of such occurrences, and explains that relatively little has changed since 2003 reforms reconfigured the maligned Shelter and Repatriation System into Aid Stations. (Chinese)

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