CDB Reports


2015 Foundation Rankings

The aim of this report is to promote the positive growth of the Chinese charity sector and the effectiveness of grant making activities.

Philanthropy as an Emerging Contributor to Development Cooperation

A range of issues and recommendations are raised in this report. Philanthropy’s contributions to international development should be better measured, and there is a need for a stronger emphasis on better data overall in terms of both measuring progress, and enabling a better understanding of the range of potential grantees working on development themes.

2012 China Social Enterprise Report, FYSE

This survey will provide crucial data to follow up on the previous studies in order to draw conclusions and provide recommendations for investors, intermediaries, government and other support agencies.

Int’l Rivers Report: New NGO Guide on Chinese-built Dams Around the World

This report provides an overview of the relevant actors, laws and standards in the Chinese dam building sector, including Sinohydro’s new environmental policy. It presents case studies of how NGOs have influenced Chinese overseas projects, and concludes with a list of addresses and other useful information.