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Frontline Voices

Salon on China’s Internet fundraising held in Beijing

China’s Internet philanthropy has grown significantly in 2017, and online donations have caught more and more people’s attention. On October 30, the China Lingshan Council for the Promotion of Philanthropy held a salon series regarding the growth of online donations…

Final Communique of the C20 conference in Qingdao released

The closing ceremony of the C20 Conference 2016 was held yesterday in Qingdao, in Eastern China’s Shandong Province. Representatives from 54 countries and regions attended the C20 and took part in discussions on the theme of “poverty alleviation, green development,…

White paper on the psychological condition of Chinese left-behind children published

A news conference presenting a White Paper on “Chinese Left-Behind Children’s Psychological Conditions” (《中国留守儿童心灵状况白皮书》) was held in Beijing by the philanthropic organization “Shang Xue Lu Shang” (上学路上)on the 24th of June. During the conference it was revealed that 6931 (93.3%)…

The fourth Cross-Straits Charity Forum opens in Xiamen

The Fourth Cross-Straits Charity Forum kicked off in Xiamen, Southern China, on June the 11th. The Forum was hosted by eight organizations, including the well-known Song Qing foundation, the Hong Kong Volunteer Union, and the Chinese Cultural Promotion Association (Taiwan).…

National survey on LGBTI people in China released

The results of a survey on Chinese LGBTI people in China were released yesterday in the conference hall of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). The survey, entitled “Being LGBTI in China: A National Survey on Social Attitudes towards Sexual…

If Everyone Could Take a Small Step Forward

Project officer Ma Lingling tells us two sad stories on disadvantaged children and their teachers. She calls for empathy and genuine efforts from project officers to understand the difficulties faced by the people they serve and empower them.

Upward in Life, Forward in the NGO sector

Xiaoxue, a young mother, presents a touching story of how a Chinese NGO worker grew into her role. In the article we can bear witness to her relentless search for justice and the meaning of life, and her aspirations for social reform.

Falling in Love with philanthropy

After becoming the only full-time employee of a start-up private foundation for education in 2013, Yao Rui, a girl from Hunan, blazed a trail forward in mid-western China, a region that is seen as a vacuum by private Chinese foundations looking for NGOs with whom to cooperate. Her active efforts and positive attitude heralded a whole new phase for the work of private foundations in the region.

From Business to the NGO Sector: the Unexpected Certainty

Yang Yang, a former public relations manager and a sharp business woman, unexpectedly starts anew in the NGO sector as a project officer for TAE Charitable Foundation. Combining her business acumen and media expertise with NGO work, Yang Yang is able to navigate the sector and develop innovative solutions for social problems.

Summary of the CDB Report on Frontline Project Officers in Private Foundations

Guo Ting delivered a report on CDB’s six-month project- Frontline Voices, revealing five core findings on project officers’ basic profile, their participation in foundations’ decision making process, their views towards grant-making and operation, their career development and training expectations, and their compensation satisfaction and future plans.

Floating bridges: the disadvantaged position of fund-granting officers

In this article Nan Yizhi, a young project officer, describes herself as being a bridge connecting grassroot NGOs on the one side and grant-making foundations on the other. The limitations and problems of the sector render both sides unstable, and the bridge is thus in a disadvantaged position.

What do the secretary-generals have to say in reply to “Frontline Voices ”?

Since the release of CDB's Frontline Voices column, have the voices of these grant-making officers been heard by the management? Will there be any measures to address the issues mentioned in the articles? In this interview, eight secretary-generals of private Chinese foundations give their own answers to these questions.

Returning from Abroad to Work in China’s NGO Sector

After gaining her degree in Sweden, a Chinese girl followed her passion for the NGO sector and joined a private foundation in China. She tells us about the doubts and expectations she went through while the foundation shifted from operating projects itself to providing grants.