The fourth Cross-Straits Charity Forum opens in Xiamen

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  • The fourth Cross-Straits Charity Forum opens in Xiamen

The Fourth Cross-Straits Charity Forum kicked off in Xiamen, Southern China, on June the 11th. The Forum was hosted by eight organizations, including the well-known Song Qing foundation, the Hong Kong Volunteer Union, and the Chinese Cultural Promotion Association (Taiwan). Over 300 delegates from a wide range of charity groups in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan were in attendance.

The keynote speeches of the forum focused on community charity and community building, youth charity and social development, and innovation in the information age. Professor Ming Wang from the Charity Research Institute at Tsinghua University talked about the possibility of promoting cross-straits communication and developing close cooperation in the field of charity research. During a sub-forum focused on youth charity, the director of the Le Chuang Charity Li Li shared the story of three young colleagues, and expressed her pride in their resourcefulness and competence.

At the end of the forum, scholars from both sides of the Straits addressed the importance of building communication, allocating resources, and understanding public opinion. The vice-chairman of the Song Qinglin foundation Qi Qiuming concluded that the forum has a great significance because it allows cross-straits charity groups to learn from each other.