Final Communique of the C20 conference in Qingdao released

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The closing ceremony of the C20 Conference 2016 was held yesterday in Qingdao, in Eastern China’s Shandong Province. Representatives from 54 countries and regions attended the C20 and took part in discussions on the theme of “poverty alleviation, green development, and innovation: the role of civil society.” Many of the participants commented on the positive contribution of the previous three C20 meetings in these fields, which served as the basis for this year’s deliberations.
During the press conference, the organizers released the “Communiqué of Civil Society 20 China 2016”. The Communiqué includes thirty provisions and is divided into four parts: Poverty Eradication and Shared Development, Unity of Knowing and Doing in Green Development, Championing the Future through Innovation, and Government and the Civil Society Joining Hands for Common Progress.
At the end of the Communiqué, the representatives especially address the importance of mutual understanding between civil society organizations and governments, which have a role to play as forerunners, communicators, supervisors and facilitators. It was also added that as an engagement group at the G20 Summit, the C20 expects equal and sufficient attention from each and every G20 Presidency in the years to come.

Here is a link to the Communiqué in English from China Daily: