2016 Cross-straits and Hong Kong & Macao Philanthropy Forum held in Hong Kong

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  • 2016 Cross-straits and Hong Kong & Macao Philanthropy Forum held in Hong Kong

The 2016 Cross-straits and Hong Kong & Macao Philanthropy Forum has been held in Hong Kong over the last two days. A total of over 300 specialists and scholars, representatives of philanthropy groups and prestigious entrepreneurs gathered in Hong Kong to discuss the sustainable development of philanthropy.

The theme of the forum was “shared benefits, shared responsibility and common innovation”, aiming to further strengthen exchange and cooperation in the field of philanthropy across the Taiwan Strait, Hong Kong & Macau. The event was organized by the China Charity Alliance, the School of Social Sciences of the University of Hong Kong, the Macau Foundation, the TZU CHI Philanthropy Foundation, the Taiwan NPO Self-Regulation Alliance and the Love Home Cultural Industry Foundation.

Ms. Liang Aishi, the former Secretary for Justice of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, was invited as a distinguished guest. She stated in her speech that the Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau had made great efforts in recent years to drive philanthropic exchange, do good deeds and repay society, demonstrating the best of traditional Chinese culture. She also expressed her hope that the event could help people explore a new model of philanthropy and promote social development.

Niu Gensheng, the vice president of the China Charity Alliance and founder of the Lao Niu Foundation, claimed during the forum that philanthropy is a major force for change in the world and the implicit factor in “common well-being”. Mr. Yu Jiaze, the Chairman of the Love Home Cultural Industry Foundation, reminded those present that philanthropy should start with home education and that all of us are responsible for creating a harmonious society.