CDB Reports


Chengdu’s Aiyouxi: Building a Harmonious Community

CDB Senior Researcher, Fu Tao, introduces a unique community-based social enterprise that brings theater, a community marketplace, and community self-governance together in a neighborhood in Chengdu, the provincial capital of Sichuan.

Rhizome Forum: Culture and Arts NGOs Exchange Ideas

CDB Contributing Writer, Li Simin, provides a glimpse into an underdeveloped field in China’s NGO sector: expressive activity through culture and arts.  The term “rhizome” here is used to describe creative activity that is unconstrained by accepted patterns and disciplinary boundaries

Gingko Partner Interview: Sun Heng

This article profiles Sun Heng, founder of Migrant Worker’s Home, an organization which incorporates a business model for earning income to sustain and expand its operations in pursuit of its mission to create a community for migrant workers