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The Beijing LGBT Center

This article profiles one of the few LGBT organizations devoted to the cultural, social and political advancement of the LGBT community. The emergence of the LGBT Center, and Aibai in Chengdu, exemplifies the emergence in China of more expressive organizations engaged in advocacy as well as service delivery.

A Roundtable Discussion on Rural Library Projects

Rural library projects are a standard undertaking in the education sector. Some of these projects began operating long ago, while new organizations have entered the scene. In the span of just a few short years these projects have undergone some important changes

Interview with Ma Jun

The following is a in-depth interview with one of China’s best-known environmentalists.

A History of Lesbians Organizing in China

his article shows how far lesbian organizing has come in China over a short period of time, with lesbians coming together in physical and virtual venues, holding salons and conferences and forming networks with domestic and international LGBT groups.

Different Views Emerge at the Second Private Foundation Forum

This article is part of our special issue on New Trends in Philanthropy and Civil Society in China (Summer, 2011). It details some of the important issues and debates raised at the second session of the Private Foundation Forum about the role of private foundations, and the private entrepreneurs behind them

China’s Foundations Move toward Greater Transparency to Survive

This article introduces arguably the most important development in the world of Chinese philanthropy in 2010: the establishment of a China Foundation Center (CFC) to strengthen information disclosure, transparency, and professionalism among China’s public and private foundations.

Changes in the China Charity Federation System

This article is part of our special issue on New Trends in Philanthropy and Civil Society in China (Summer, 2011). It highlights the government’s heavy hand in the philanthropy sector through a case study of the China Charity Federation (CCF), one of the major players in Chinese philanthropy.